Sioux Chief Little Big Horn, 1876 (1/12)

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The Great Sioux War of 1876, also known as the Black Hills War was a series of battles fought by diverse tribes of Native-American Indians, including the Sioux, the Cheyenne, and the Crow among others, against the United States government troops. This conflict is part of a longer period of conflict known as the Indian Wars, caused by the constant expansion of the United States towards the West.

The starting point of this particular episode started when General George A. Custer announced the discovery of gold in the territory of the Lakotas which, in time, triggered a gold rush that invaded the Indian lands, causing great upheaval and triggering violent situations.

After a series of engagements and skirmishes, a combined force of Lakotas, Dakotas, Cheyennes, and Arapahoes took advantage of a momentary division of the U.S. Army troops commanded by Custer and attacked them in an epic showdown known to history as the Battle of Little Big Horn. Custer himself died at the battle and his final stand became an iconic picture in American culture.

Even if the war resulted in a decisive defeat for the Indian tribes, legendary names like Sitting Bull o Crazy Horse became iconic as symbols of a dying culture that was determined to resist until the end, no matter the cost.

For our bust, we have chosen the aesthetic of one of those mighty warrior leaders, with the classic elements of the Sioux attire, including the impressive and iconic feathered war-bonnet.

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